February 25, 2008

Embrace your inner bitch for change.

Hilary is the sh*t, so take a big whiff Becky.

This already got pulled off of the youtubes but it's available on Hulu.com right now, and I have a beta invite...also you can suck it directly from the corporate teat of NBC.com. I am reblogging this because I agree with Tina Fey here. I really do, and I'm tired of all these frothing at the mouth Obama-ites trying to make him out to be the second coming of Christ. Practically anyone or anything is going to look like a savior after the eight. year. long. national fucking nightmare reign of the Bush administration. That plant that can use twitter to tell you when it needs water? That houseplant is more intelligent than our current President and frankly, a LOT, less embarassing. I'm voting for Hilary because I want an educated, passionate woman in the White House, and you can't stop me with your Obamania.

I personally thought she did outdo Obama in the debate. Even though they have many of the same goals, I like the plan Hillary put forth to get there much better. I like her view on that damn retarded wall and healthcare and the make America bilingual movement. Some homeless man panhandling at the light the other day was asking me what time the debate was going to be on because he was gonna go down the road to the newly remodeled McDonald's and watch it on the new Flat Screen TV just installed there. Go Austin! Even our homeless people are educated and participating to some degree in society. He and I were talking about Bill coming into the White House as first hubby and what an asset that would be for the nation. I could care less that he got a fucking blowjob and nailed every ugly girl in a 10 mile radius. Ugly girls need love too! Elected officials in Europe keep mistresses and have whole other families with them. All I care about is the fact that when he was in office we had a balanced budget and a surplus for god's sake. That is the only time in my life I can ever remember us having a fucking surplus. He didn't declare war on a concept with no concrete enemy. No one died when Clinton lied. He lied about sex. Who here can say they haven't done that? I kind of like Ron Paul mostly because of his positions on protecting the Constitution and the ideals that this country was built upon, but I am over the whole Republican party right now. Least fiscally responsible Republicans EVER. No thank you. You got EIGHT years; you totally and utterly fucked them up. Go away for awhile. Regroup; get your shit together. McCain's time has passed let him go fishing or something.

Tina Fey makes several good points in a much funnier and more succint way than I can. Bitches get shit done. This lion jockey who has been called a bitch more times than she could ever count agrees with the sublime Ms. Fey who is composed entirely of win. Bitch is the new black; come on Texas and Ohio, get on board!

(ps. The commercial is only the first 13 seconds...oh yeah and then it plays again after the clip, but you can just stop it at that point. Hulu.com pick an end...ass or head...and stay on it, please.)

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