September 22, 2011

Drinking You Under A Table

Michelle Branch's catalog isn't the only one I'm trudging through these days. I'm also about halfway through watching all 275 episodes of Cheers on Netflix. I really don't have any special insights to share (even after six seasons), but I did just wanted to quickly mention my favorite part of the show's intro. It's right before the show title appears in this shot:

It took me probably a dozen views before I really noticed the wasted dude hanging out in the bottom right under the table, but now it's a show highlight for me.

The other thing I look forward to is seeing Mary FuckYouToo's name at the end of the show.

1 comment:

Jay Amabile said...

hahahahaha. I don't know what's funnier...the actual stuff you just posted about or the fact that those items were all that came out of all those seasons of Cheers lol