January 19, 2010

Snapple changes labels again?

I don't even know which is the newer label anymore. Based on my last Snapple label blog entry, I think it's the one on the right. Personally, I find the on the right more has more zazz. It's not as fun looking as the old, old one--

--but I like that the Fruit Punch related color is at the top, so the liquid appears to flow into the label as opposed to smashing into it abruptly (what the fuck am I talking about?). Old Snapple pushed fun and quirky, so the label looked like Carmen Miranda's head exploding, but if you're pushing "natural" and shit like that, it's important to have the smooth feng shui instead. I haven't really been obsessively paying attention to Snapple for a while now (we discontinued Snapple in our vending machines, and I've since switched to Vitamin Water hardcore), so I don't know how long ago this switch happened, or if it's been across the flavor boards, but I think they're on the right track. In my opinion, they should slap the color on the bottom too, but what do I know?

Actually, looking at both of them again, I like that the one on the left has more yellow better than the overpowering with green on the right. It could be my poor camera, but I think the yellow makes the Snapple logo pop better. Green is for vegetables, not fruit. Will I ever be satsified?