March 10, 2009


Last week I went to the Dominican Republic.

But first I stopped in Nilbog and ate some of the townsfolk's homemade pasta.

Then I turned into a fish and puked green liquid everywhere.

I composed myself long enough to run directly into a large white box.

The RoBeastress and I then attempted to be that couple.

But the Canadians had us beat.

Back on the JetBlue plane, XM Radio Love Song FAIL.

Ok, JetBlue, I get it already. We're still "In The Air Tonight."

Awww, Don Not.

That wasn't funny, jerx.

1 comment:

100monkeys said...

"more than 100 matching Hawaiian silk shirts, dozens and dozens of matching Croc clogs..." Stop looking for reasons not to kill yourself! You found NOTHING!

In the Air Tonight: the offial JetBlue song of Romance!