August 19, 2010


I was behind an Xpedited Services service truck this morning on Rt. 80. I couldn't get a picture off in time, so I stole this off of their facebook page:

I was drawn to their slogan "Because You Forgot To Ship It Yesterday!" because it's an amazing approach for a service oriented company. It's no secret that the service industry exists because of people that don't have time or the ability to do things themselves, but that relationship is rarely acknowledged in those terms. Customers are often coddled and absolved of all accountability, but the truth is that they're mere mortals too. This slogan moves beyond the "the customer is always right" mentality and instead says "hey customer, you fucked up, and we're here to fix it."

I'm sure Xpedited is professional and appreciative of whatever business they get, but it's still so refreshing to see them so publicly not kiss ass. And feast your eyes on that giant red X! So defiant! I LOVE THIS COMPANY!

Imagine what it would look like if this trend spread to other products and services!

Now imagine how great this post would've been if I came up with more than 3 mediocre examples!

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