November 18, 2010

Toyota -- Is this what utter humiliation looks like?

The long form video of the Toyota Highlander video entitled "Scatter" that I (and many YouTube commenters) whined about earlier has now been made "private" meaning by ToyotaUSA channel. It is no longer accessible to anybody on YouTube. Does that mean we win? Were they finally ashamed enough to pull it? Did my "Fuck this elitist bullshit" comment put them over the edge?

Coincidentally, I still have the comment page open in another tab of my browser, not because I anticipated this moment, but because I'm lazy. But lucky for us, I can show you all the responses that were on the page 7 or 8 hours ago before they decided to hide them.

When I last saw the original video, it had 1 "like" and 44 "dislikes." I'm not sure at what point it was pulled (but thanks to fellow Blogger Trix for catching it). The 15-second "short" version of the commercial is still up on the Tubes, but it doesn't look like it's getting many positive comments either.


trix oh said...

rollie, i get a weird screaming "singing" thing every time i log onto your page. is there anyway you can shut that off???

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

It's from a commercial in a previous post that auto-plays. I can't disable it, so it will be there until I post enough new content to bump it off. It's 30 seconds maximum anyway.

trix oh said...

bump it off!! it's very annoying!!!