December 2, 2010

Chair 69 or The Kiss 2010?

There's been two office chairs stacked near where I've been sitting at work. One was on the ground, and the other, I inverted, and placed on top of the other. There's nothing unusual about that--it's the standard, efficient way to store chairs. Yesterday, I decided to move the chairs closer to the other group of chairs we have stored on this floor. Since no one is in the building anymore, I didn't just casually walk them over, I instead chose to thrust them away down an imaginary bowling alley. I heard them fall, but I didn't notice until a few hours later the peculiar way they collapsed.

When I took a closer look, I discovered that they still had not let go of each other or accepted defeat. Neither were touching the ground except for two tiptoes of their five-point legs. It was a perfect arch of chair ballet. The seat, the back, the arms all came alive in an embrace. Chair 69 or The Kiss 2010? It's your call.

I took a million pictures of the chairs from every angle feeling the double rainbow guy, then pulled a screen over to make the background more interesting. Eventually, I had to disrupt the union to get some shots on a less corporate carpet. Here are my favorites (click for larger versions):

I like this because it looks metallic and airbrushed.

If L7 ever gets back together, here's their album cover.

The fireplace scenery never quite worked out. Maybe it was the creepy red voyeur?


Anonymous said...

I like the ones with the red backgrounds. The one you said looked metallic looks computer-generated to me. I never thought office chairs could be this visually dynamic.

Rachel said...

The last one reminds me of Twin Peaks. Very Lynchian. And yes, I'm just catching up on months of your blog now. PTTTHHHHBBB.