April 2, 2011

The Jambalaya Monolith

Look at this fucking Jambalaya:


The message I get from the packaging is:

 "Jambalaya Mix - 25% less sodium than our original Jamabalaya Mix, but still 15% more than the leading Rice Mix product!"

I know the "15% MORE" actually refers to how much rice is in the box, compared to another brand (a footnote way at the bottom of the backside), but I think it's still a poor design choice. My brain instinctively links the two blue banners together, so I naturally consider the two messages related. I also fixate on numbers when grocery shopping, so I scrutinize any random percentage thrown on the front of a box. I think they could have avoided the perceived conflict by adding the word "RICE" after the word "MORE." Or even an arrow from the "15% MORE!" pointing to the "8 OZ." below it. I admit, the box sucked me in with the "Reduced Sodium" claim, but the other confusing message gave me pause.

But who am I kidding? With that tasty looking picture, it could have said 15% MORE COCKROACH PUBES! and I still would've bought it.

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