July 27, 2011

+25 Points to Slytherin IN MY PANTS

In honor of the newly released Harry Potter film (thank god its over, I can't handle another book with 300 FUCKING PAGES ABOUT CAMPING AND WALKING AROUND IN THE FUCKING FOREST), I bring you this gem of sexting from my personal collection. Ain't no sexting like some drunken Harry Potter sexting! HAWT. And also, yes this is what I'm doing when I'm hanging out in the blue lion in between saving the universe and potty-training my own little adorable Princess of Power. ENJOY. Maybe I'll post more now that baby is not gnawing on my lifeforce every, single day. NO PROMISES, but I'll try.

PS. If this kind of thing gets you excited, TPHD is available for sighs and moans and ALL CAPS TONE POEMS ABOUT LIFE. You can find him here on the twitter machine.

<3 - teh_Beauty aka D_S

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