June 21, 2012

Pour 'em a glass of LOL's!

And a side of WTF.

Now, I'm a fan of non sequitur humor, but this has the hip factor of a Christian Broadcasting Network X-treme Kidz Club Puppet Show!!! type of program. Welch's, go back to the Super FunZone and put yourself in Time Out. Come back when you're ready to think a little further outside the box.
Pour 'em a Glassion of Passion!
Pour 'em a Glass of Lively, Exotic, and Lab-Created Flavor!
Pour 'em a Glass of CAB's (Committee-Approved Buzzwords)! 
Pour 'em a Glass of Some Sugar On Me!
Blast 'em with an Assload of Fruits, Motherfuckerz!

This is why I don't get paid the big bucks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am drinking the glass of LOL's this morning, hoping that I will not get trolled by Welch's. I had to search for this on the internet and I was not disappointment. I am glad we share a similar opinion on this failure of a marketing choice.