February 26, 2013

RPM Challenge 2013: Day 26

For those keeping score at home, I've finished the recording and mixing of tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, A, and C. Those last two I hadn't started as of my last update, so here's a quick description:

A: Quirky percussion loop-based song for a token "crazy" wrestler named Fred Lice. Not only is he mentally unbalanced, he is also a bit unhygienic. This works in his favor because his opponents aren't exactly eager to put him in a headlock.

C: A dance tune for a female wrestler named Carol Anne. If the main melody sounds familiar, it's because I've already used it on previous RPM Challenges. After a year of rest, Planet Carol Anne III reinvents the series.

That only makes a total of about 8 tracks/22 minutes, so I've got two more to go. Tracks 9 and B are only basic drum beats and 5 is still just a guitar riff, so my plan of attack is to fix and finish 7 (which has some MIDI issues) and then quickly write a simple final song.

Of course, there is one thing in each of the "finished" tracks I already want to change, but the priority is getting 10 completed before I start getting obsessive.

Speaking of obsessive, here's a 2013 RPM Fun Fact--I haven't had any caffeine at all during this year's challenge. Usually on Day 26, I'm up all night deliriously writing lyrics and blowing out my voice while recording non-stop harmonies. Sadly (or, luckily), I will not be doing any vocals this time around. However, if I don't have my last two songs written by tomorrow evening, you'll most likely find me chugging a bottle of Diet Coke. Desperate inspiration is usually at the bottom.

I just remember that I need to do an album cover too, and I think I have a crazy idea for it...

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