May 17, 2010

Sign O' The Tide

What's it gonna be, Tide. Are you Effective or Useless?

By the way, there were so many possible titles for this blog entry, I may as well share some others:
  • In and Out with the Tide
  • It was the Best of Tides, It was the Worst of Tides
  • The Print of Tide
  • Decide, Tide
  • Uppity with a Touch of Downy
  • Oh hey look, you can buy a 100 oz. bottle of Tide with a Touch of Downy for $69.99 at Amazon and a percentage will go to the RoBeast's upcoming unemployment fund thanks to Amazon Associates that I signed up for a hundred years ago and never used until today but now that Blogger has a widget for it you can certainly expect to see more selling out on this website!


Rosie said...

I love how the bottle says "MORE EFFECTIVE*USELESS"...which is it?

Rosie said...

What I love even more is the fact that I completely missed the first sentence of your damn post.

Alan said...

Bad Marketing decisions from someone who probably shouldn't have put there two cents into this to begin with.

Master_Gio said...

This blog is full of win! :D