May 24, 2010

He Doesn't Steal Magnolias Either

Here are the things the person who broke into my car last night did not steal:
  • EZ-Pass
  • Motorola Nextel Phone
  • 5 empty moving boxes
  • Travel-sized bottle of Purel
  • Verizon phone car charger 
  • Blank VHS-C tapes in package
  • 2009 Melissa Surach Calendar
  • Medium-sized Brown Hoodie from Old Navy
  • $100+ of change in box waiting to go to Coinstar
  • Pink Post-Its with potentially killer song lyrics on them
  • Crate Powerblock Amplifier Head, Zoom 1010 Guitar Effects Pedal, Fostex Digital 8-track, and other various electronics in a box in the trunk
  • Dillinger Escape Plan's Option Paralysis, Every Time I Die's New Junk Aesthetic, Torrential Downpour's Self-Titled Debut LP, Matthew Sweet's 100% Fun, and 20 various awesome Mix CD-Rs
  • Car Stereo
  • Car
Here's what the person did steal:
  • Less than $3 in change (maybe)

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