December 12, 2011


I'm trying not to be incredibly negative about my workplace considering I only have 5 days left with them, but they can't seem to stop giving me reasons to be annoyed, so here we are.

If you don't already know, I work in the Facilities Department for a large corporation. I started almost a year ago. For as long as I've worked there, there's been a work request system in place for when people need things taken care of. It's really simple--you fill out the Facilities form and email it to the Facilities inbox, then it gets assigned internally and handled by the appropriate team member. It's important for us to have the form so we can prioritize and track the work we do, and you know, justify our existence.Yet for some reason, 95% of the employees can't seem to remember how or have no interest in following this process, even when I remind them. Here's one of 17 hundred thousand times I've gone through this (all edits in red, obviously):

First problem, she stopped by my boss' office instead of emailing the Facilities Inbox. Second problem, she emails my boss instead of emailing the Facilities Inbox. Third problem, no form attached. Guess what? My boss is fucking busy with high-level building work all the time and isn't sitting around scanning his email for petty temperature complaints from people who can't follow the simple request process.

Predictably, he's not going to do anything about this except forward it to 6pm, when I'm already gone for the day.

And when I see your sucky email next morning and see there's no form attached, I'm going to remind you that you're doing it wrong and let you try it again.

Even though I've attached the form and sent off an unsympathetic email to her, I'm still going to go investigate the problem without waiting for the form because I'm not an asshole. Also because I know she's most likely never going to fill it out, or will fuck it up somehow and complain to my boss.

In this case, she fucked it up. She filled out the form, but then emailed it to me, not the inbox I clearly indicated in the previous email. From 9am - 12pm, I was not at my desk--I was off doing work elsewhere. Then I took a lunch break. Her email at 9:47am could have said "Help me, I'm on fire and I'm going to burn to death soon" but I would not have seen it until 12:30pm. However, if she had sent that to the Inbox on the top of the form like I said, someone would have seen it and responded accordingly. But instead, I have to now expand my lecture and use italics.


Clear as mud, apparently. Also, notice she's removed my boss from the chain.

Yes, I actually copy/pasted the form she filled out, circled the instruction she seemed to have missed twice, and reiterated its location--"Top of the form." How much more time can possibly be wasted by ignorance? The work could have been completed the day before if she did it right the first time.

Really? The way I worded the email? I'm pretty sure I worded it in a way that a 4-year old would have understood. I didn't respond to this, because it probably would have said "Fuck you, and fuck your company too." And maybe a smiley face. :)

Five days left...

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