January 17, 2012

The Bored Statues of Newark, NJ

Last Friday the 13th, I found myself at the Essex County Hall of Records. Outside, I spotted the two most bored looking statues I'd ever seen--a lion and a lioness.

I guess in reality, chillaxing is what lions are usually up to most of the time anyway (according to various internet sources, they sleep 16-24 hours a day), so kudos to the sculptor for keeping it in real up in the field. 

Little did I know that just a block away is Gutzon Borglum's tribute to Abraham Lincoln's downtime: "Seated Lincoln." C'mon Abe, the War's over. Look alive!

Behind Thinkin' Lincoln is another pensive statue. This is one of two bronze guards to the Essex County Courthouse, designed by Cass Gilbert:

From what I've read, that statue is the allegorical representation of Truth, Power, and Hangin' Out. I think they captured it well. 

After this mini-walking tour of Newark's sculptures, I felt myself quickly growing tired and headed back to NYC early. Next time I hope to catch some more of the best artwork Newark has to offer, like "Washington Crossing the Delaware Whenever He Gets Around To It," "Mount Rush-Less," and "Venus De Milo Before She Lost Her Arms From Playing Too Much Nintendo."

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