January 5, 2015

BREAKING: I Can't Breathe Watching This "Gentle Giant" Perform Such An Offensive Protest

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shunned by affluent white men for performing Hands Up, Don't Shoot protest in Texas.
Soon-to-be-former-Governor Chris "This-Action-Is-Patently-Offensive-And-A-Kick-In-The-Gut-To-Police-Officers-And-Real-Conservatives-Everywhere" Christie was caught by television cameras this past weekend performing the Hands Up, Don't Shoot protest in solidarity with violent thug supporters of Michael Brown. It is presumed that Gov. Christie has not read the thousands of coroner and eyewitness reports we can't stop posting on Facebook that only support our opinion that Brown never once in his life had his hands up nor did he not want to get shot.

We urge all of our readers to exercise your Right To Express Disappointment in the leadership of the state of New Jersey by refusing to pump your own gas for the rest of the week.* Imagine the message this will send to Adolf Hussein Obummer and his Muslim friends that are allowing gas prices to be so low while a non-Republican is in the White House.

Up with gas prices, not with hands!

* (Unless you are in NJ where you already don't have to pump your own gas. In this case, you may protest Chris Christie's heinous acts by riding the PATH train all night long.)

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