January 5, 2015

BREAKING: Shocking News Written To Shock You Into Complete Shock

As if his constant racist cop-hating public rants weren't enough, you won't believe what Obummer-in-Training has come up with now...

In response to the NYPD turning their backs on him during two recent funerals of their fallen comrades brothers, Mayor DiBLAHsio has now fast-tracked legislature mandating all law enforcement officers to be outfitted with body monitors. These monitors will display live streaming video of the Mayor's face and they will be physically unable to turn away. 

An anonymous Police Union spokesperson probably has stated "I'm extremely frustrated that our police force will no longer be able to turn their backs on the fascist Mayor, but on the bright side, these screens are pretty bulky and will block whatever the police body cameras were going to pick up."

Not only is this spiteful action from New York City's Mayor a violation of every Constitutional Right To American Freedom, these television monitors are likely being made in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, so if you were looking for a tenuous link to Veterans being shit on somehow in this completely unrelated article, you just found it. 

Since every police officer will be unable to turn-the-other-cheek from this slap-in-the-face right under-their-nose, we here at Conservative Beauty and the Right-RoBeast urge all of our brothers- and sisters-in-blue to stop writing tickets and instead protest these actions by continually spinning in a circle for the entire duration of their shifts. 

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