December 11, 2008

Certified Genius or Aesthetic Wacko?

This blurb was just sent out in my weekly company newsletter:
Winner Won’t Loose His Way Thanks to the United Way

T---- K----- from S&T won the 2008 United Way Campaign raffle prize - a GPS guaranteeing that he will never need to ask directions or loose his way again. The drive itself was a great success with a 9% increase in donations to $42K and a 3% increase in donors from 2007. Thanks to T----- and to everyone involved for proving that C------ Colleagues live untied.
The only edits I made were to the names, otherwise it was published exactly like that. It's fascinating to me that not only were the typos highlighted and formatted with bold, but they are also so poetically connected. Loose and untied. What a fun use of metaphor. Could it really just be a coincidence? It's so beautiful and subtly defiant. Live the United Way? No, live untied!

Oh, if anyone's wondering, I donated $10. I may be poor, but I'm knot a jerk!

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