December 21, 2008


Annoyingly wide awake on a late Saturday night. Gonna post one last email from a co-worker before I hibernate from this type of blog post for a while just in case facebook friend co-workers are reading my blog and thinking I'm going to expose them (albeit anonymously) on the Internettes.

Anywhy, a recent email ended thusly:
I have never left you hanging....
Dot dot dot dot....NON-IRONICALLY. Today's secret word is OPERATION: MINDCRIME.

ANyone ever see DOT AND THE KANGAROO? Unnecessary capitalization, yes. Dot and The Kangaroo was one of several Australian cartoons that were cartooned in Australia a double decade ago. I meant to blog about it eighteen hundred thousand years ago when I NETFLIXED it and REWATCHED it. It features a scary boogieman like creature called the BUNYIP which is a creature that is scary, boogie-filled, and has man parts possibly. Now that I think about it, I may have blogged about it after all I think. About it.

Maybe I did. Maybe i didn't did not. Same deferens.

The point about DOT was twofold:

  1. That it was animation that featured real life background like such as for example: the animals were running through the forest, but the animals were animated (cause they both start with ANI) and the forest was for real (cause they both start with FOR). I thought this was cool and probably easy for the animators. Or maybe not easy per snickety, but was very effective in relation to the effort they had to put forth (which probably wasn't much, lazy asses).
  2. DOT AND THE KANGAROO is redundant because titles of films don't need to be capitalized AND italicized to show that they're titles. This example would've featured underlining and italicizationally slanted texticles just to be extra ASSHOLISH but DUMB BLOGGER doesn't have UNDERLINE as a default in the not-so-rich text editor.
  3. Now that I've gotten sidetracked by bitchassblogger, my numerals are inaccurate. I promised twofold and now you've gotten threefold.
  4. Fuck it just gets worse.
  5. USA TODAY puts song titles in Italics and it makes MISO ANGRY. I can not differentiate between song titles and album titles and I just want to choke the newspaper. It's not bad enough that the reviews are SUCK MY ASS, but then I gotta see all these fucking italics. THis past Tuesday there were several review capsules and every single one of them had the word "Soul" in it. Except one. And yes, I count the "Soul" in Soulja Boy. It's just so FEEDING MY REPETITIVE WORD COMPLEX.
I should go. I've said too much. And I overcapitalized purposefully, but it's not even funny anymore. IT wasNT funny TO begIN with.

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