July 15, 2010

But There Isn't any "Any" Key

The other night, the RoBeastress and I were preparing some spaghetti and meatballs on her stovetop. I was watching over the big black cauldron of pasta on the back burner, but it was a little too dark too see, so I pressed the "light" button on the overhead microwave. It was no surprise when the light came on upon pressing the "light" button...

... but something I never noticed before happened too--the microwave's LCD display lit up the word "Light."

Here it is when the light is off:

It's a good thing that word "Light" is there or else I would have no idea when the light was really on. Like in this case...

... I really have no idea if the light is on or not. Fortunately, I am able to check the display to confirm my suspicions. Why yes, the light is indeed on.

The "Timer" display I understand. "Vent" may be a bit questionable, but "Light" is just ridiculous. The only possible logic that I can come up with behind this superfluous feature is if the light bulb happens to burn out but you aren't aware of it and you are standing there pressing the button over and over but nothing happens and in all the commotion you start to wonder to yourself "Did I push that 'Light' button five times or six times?" but you have no way to confirm it.

Well, did ya punk?

I think I would prefer the have used their LCD technologies to make a random word or phrase to pop up, like "BISCUITS!" or "Good Morning Dave." Or "Lighten up tightwad."

Ok, I'm going to press my own "Vent" button off now.

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kcw said...

oohh, I'd like a Tab.