July 9, 2010

Stalking Vanity

If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably aware that I sit in a fair amount of traffic. The only bright side of this is that it allows me to photograph kooky license plates without putting my life in danger.

This was the situation a couple weeks back:

The RoBeast Crime Lab cleaned up the photo a bit so you can see the vanity plate on the Yukon:


My initial thought (besides what I think of these new fugly New York plates) is that it means "Would Kill For My Kids." The flames on the Yukon logo say to me that this person is obviously not above self-destructive arson, so what would stop them from homicide? Most parents take the martyr route and simply say "I would die for my kids," but I guess here in NYC, parents are taking a more active approach.

Is that really what it means though? The RoBeastress assumed it meant "Work For My Kids."  Well, what about "Weak For My Keds" or "Wok For My Kidneys"? "Workform? Yuck! Demilitarized Zone!" 

The danger of these vanity plates is in the interpretation. The RoBeastress' mother recently told us a cautionary tale of a colleague of hers with a vanity plate that said "NV NO1." He was trying to convey a positive humble message--"Envy No One." But, she wondered, what's stopping people from reading the exact opposite intention--"Envy Number One"?

 All I have to say to that is "Andrew W.K. Formica Dragonball Z!"

(I'll be back on the Michelle Branch train later on today.)

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Harry Badface said...

I hoped that you were stalking Vanity from Action Jackson.