September 3, 2010

Aardvarkalypse Now

My bandmate Kirk convinced me to hang out with him at a Karaoke thing last night at the Alligator Lounge in Brooklyn (and yes, I did wear my escargots--didn't get any comments, but I did note one funny look). I don't really care for karaoke, but I was definitely attracted to the free 12" pizza with every drink.

Before karaoke began, there was a mad rush for the books for people to find songs to sing. Kirk got hold of one and started flipping through for ideas. I told him he should just sing whatever is first in the book, then I thought about the advantages that a band would have being first in alphabetical order. Sure, your band may look like a jerky company from the yellow pages (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa American Asshole, Inc.), but at least you're in first place before the race even starts!

I suggested that if we ever change our band name, Plowing Mud Forever, it should be to something that starts with Aardvark, but more metal sounding. I said Aardvarkadon or Aardvarkanoid or something, but neither compared to the grenade Kirk lobbed at me--Aardvarkalypse. So awesome.

I made this to go along with it:

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Excellent! -crAsh