September 18, 2008

Urgent US State Department Warning!

September 18, 2008

This Travel Warning updates information on security threats and ongoing political violence in Pakmanistan and informs U.S. citizens of current safety and security concerns.  The Department of State continues to urge that Americans avoid all travel to Pakmanistan.  Americans who live and work in Pakmanistan presently should understand that they are accepting risks in remaining and should carefully consider those risks. Please try to avoid Ghosts, if possible, and above all, do not get eaten!


Rachel said...

you know how i feel about practical jokes at the expense of others. And how i can't watch Jackass or Wonder Showzen with you, cause it makes me cringe. but i love your wiki-graffitis. esp the ones that come with pictures.

kcw said...

The correct motto would be:

English:gobble ghosts and go!
Urdu Translation:gobble bhoot Aour jaata hai

Alan said...

Does Cadbury outsource to Pakistan? Beware of a possible work transfer.