February 2, 2010

First Day, First Song?


Playing in front of the computer screen gives me Avatar face apparently. I recorded the guitar portion of the video at a different resolution which I will probably not do from now on. Overall, I'm surprisingly happy with the track despite it only taking about an hour or so to come up with. Here's to hoping all the songs are this easy.

It might not stay at this tempo, and it might not be this mellow in the future, but like I said, it's "a decent framework" (do I have to use quotation marks if I'm quoting myself?). There are a few weird time changes, a few weird chords, but a pretty standard structure. That's sort of a typical Robeast Rollie song, so maybe I need to get a little more experimental for the next 9 songs.

Speaking of me, I told you that I'd tell you about the tale of my "band" name. Catarrh Clothesline is an anagram of my full name. It wasn't the funniest or the most offensive, but it's simple, alliterative, and a little gross. I'm a fan of it. Here were some other of my favorites:

The Saccharine TrollHitler's Anal CrochetElectoral Shit RanchStale Hernial CrotchLeather Lion ScratchInhale Scrotal RetchThe Last Coil RancherTallest Chino ArcherOther Anarchist CellOrchestra in Cat HellAntarctic Hell HorseEarth, Narcotics, HellRear Technical SlothThe Clitoral RanchesThe Citronella CrashRichest Carnal HotelHostile Rectal RanchRectal Chain HolsterEthical Rectal HornsRetinal Scratch HoleAlien's Leather CrotchTorch Each InstallerSectarian Hell TorchHer Lethal NarcoticsThe Tall Heroic NarcsHello Erratic SnatchRectal Crash HotlineAnthill Earth SoccerClean the Shit CorralLeech Scar TriathlonHarlots' Chanticleer  Some of those are pretty awesome, but I prefer the simple, two word anagram. Catarrh is mucus caused by an inflammation of mucous membranes, so a Clothesline of it makes for a fun visual. I have a stuffy nose most of the time, so it fits. And Catarrh is pronounced like Guitar, so that's another plus. Catarrh Hero has been used before, unfortunately. Oh well.

I've got regular band practice tonight, so I don't know if I'll have time to come up with any new riffs. See you tomorrow, maybe.

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Harry Badface said...

Plus it could also be your finishing move.