February 26, 2010

RPM Day 26 - White Out

I was planning on spending last night at the studio finishing up drums and starting vocals, but thanks to a blizzard, I had the shittiest commute of my life. It certainly wasn't the longest (that would be the 8 hour/30 mile drive during a storm a few years back), but it wasn't fun. I couldn't drive five feet without getting stuck. Fortunately a truck was able to push me up a hill, and the rest is history.

That being said, I ended up bumping bass back up to the top of my queue, not because I thought it was a priority, but because it was the only thing I'd be able to safely accomplish given the circumstances. And accomplish, I did. I got 8 out of 9 tracks completed (only the last minute drum-only track remains) last night and this afternoon. No, they're not the most inventive bass tracks in the world, but in lieu of a lead guitar and an authoritative kick drum, it does its job.

The tracks went mostly smooth, though I did struggle with one particular bass line at the end of one track that never really clicked. The most notable issue I had was discovering that my guitar tracks were not actually recorded in standard tuning as I intended-they're all lower (can't recall offhand if it's a half- or whole-step lower). I guess the built-in tuner on my electric/acoustic is a damn dirty liar.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to get up early and walk to the studio and see what words I can come up with. No snow songs, I promise that much.

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