February 10, 2010

RPM Challenge - Day 10 - Snow Day

I stayed home from work because of the blizzard today, but unfortunately my camera died fifteen minutes into my writing this morning. I forgot the charger at the RoBeastress' castle, so I had to record using the stinky laptop microphone. At least I managed to finish off a song. There are only three parts to it, and I may edit this down even shorter, but I think what you're going to hear is as complex as it's going to get. All the parts are 4/4 which I try not to ever do, but I wanted to experiment with being normal for a change. It's a very standard pop structure - I think I was channeling Michelle Branch. There are one or two slightly dissonant chords in the chorus, so I'm still keeping it real up in the feel, Catarrh Clothesline style.

I really should have written more songs today, but the technical problems worked against my motivation. I don't know how many more songs I need to write because I haven't tallied up my total progress. I think I have 6 songfuls of songs and another standalone progression. I'll come up with another track on Friday night or Saturday morning (or both) and see if it's time to start recording on the digital 8.

Here's yet another untitled thing with crappy audio and crappy recycled video clips:


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