February 1, 2011

RPM Challenge 2011 - Day 1

Somehow, it's February already. That means it's time again for the RPM Challenge--to write and record 10 songs or 35 minutes of material by the end of the month. Most of February 2010 was a fog, but I emerged victorious in my first attempt at completing the challenge.

This year, having just started a new job which is sucking away most of my free time and energy, I've decided to scale back my production a bit. I will skip playing a full drum kit, and probably just do some simple kitchen percussion (I'm looking at you, popcorn tin). I may forgo bass entirely. Also on the outs will most likely be vlogging my process as I go. I'm sure I'll still record what I'm doing on video, but it will just be so I remember what my hands are doing on the guitar. It's quicker just to type my progress anyway.

Or lack thereof. Today, I woke up with a solid concept for one short song, wrote down some random lyrics in my notebook, and hummed some melodies/riffs for another song into my portable recorder. I thought I had a cool original concept for that tune, but apparently "Bazooka Joan" is already an obscure DC comic book character from 1984. Maybe I'll still use it anyway. I'm at least planning to attempt writing lyrics along the way this time as opposed to writing, singing, and recording them all for the first time in the last 48 hours of the project. Sure, that was the most intensely creative experience I've ever had, but why put that kind of pressure myself? 28 days is plenty of time, right?

Yes, but just barely. Tomorrow I need to at least unzip my guitar from its case and start playing something or I'll start to fall behind. For now, I sleep.

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