February 5, 2011

RPM Challenge 2011 - Day 5ish

Stayed in but still managed to drink too much last night. I came up with just one riff despite staying up until 5am. It's golden though. This is not it:

That I woke up and made happen after listening to Nirvana/Dave Grohl's "Marigold" a bunch of times. Obviously the words aren't there yet, considering there's only three lines I've come up with so far. I'm falling back on my old ways of writing the cart before the horse again, while my awesome lyrical concepts still sitting in an unopened Word document. Oh well. Whatever gets me to the end.

In other news, why the hell can't YouTube synchronize my fucking audio and video anymore? They play perfectly on my computer, then I upload and whoops, youtube crapped its pants. I would really like to solve that mystery, or better yet, eat some corn bread right now, but I need to write a thousand more songs instead.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You need to loop that part at 3:03. It sounds like if The Predator could sing death metal. Also, I like how your guitar serves two functions in this video: musical instrument and head-propper-upper.