February 2, 2011

RPM Challenge 2011 - Day 2

I wanted nothing more than to stay home today and write songs, but the Snow Day I was dreaming of ended up being a 2-Hour Delay instead. Here I am again reporting on the day without having even looked at my guitar. There is a plus side to my delayed instrumentation though--I've overcompensated by thinking about song concepts and lyrics. I've come up with 10 really strong song ideas that I plan to pursue. I've officially titled 9 of them (meaning I started a Word Document with their name in ALL CAPS), and I've got a pretty decent jump on lyrics for 4.

This pretty much turns my 2010 technique upside down, since all the songs were fully written and recorded with no consideration for lyrics or melody. This time, the words and moods are going to dictate the songs which is not something I've really ever done. I've got my fingers crossed that it will serve me well, but to be honest, going outside your comfort zone is the true spirit of this challenge, so I welcome the experiment.

I just also really quickly wanted to say that I'm extremely happy that several friends have taken up the challenge this year too. I'm already looking forward to our March victory party/decompression. Ok, enough babbling, here are the titles so far for the still untitled 2011 album:

  • This is the Start
  • Bazooka Joan
  • Let's Not Go Bowling
  • C.O.M.E. (Center Of Modern Excellence)
  • Any Prize, Any Size
  • Stereopoly
  • Anthony! Anthoni! AnthonĂ©!
  • Planet Carol Anne 2: The Other Side
  • Survivor of the Tiger
  • Moon Man in the Moon

The last one I'm a little iffy on. I found out that there's a band in the area called Moon Men on the Moon, Man which is sort of close. (Yes, if you're wondering, I look up every idea I ever have to see if someone else had it first). I'm not ready to share any of the themes or lyrics just yet. I may not at all until they're completely finished. No offense. And whatever you do, don't try to give me any ideas! Because I'm a jerk! Face!

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