January 19, 2008

Canis Interruptus

Double the dog action last night. The first dream was actually about something totally unrelated to dogs or pets. It was about a film festival that my bandmates Kirk and Wally entered. But within the film, there was a clip of a small dog being walked on a beach. The dog had long fake wings attached to its back. It tripped over itself at some point and started humping its own wings. It was fucking hilarious and everyone in the theater (The Dream Theater) LOL'd their A-HOLES off. I actually recorded this all on video on my digital camera during my dream, but for some reason, that doesn't carry over to IRL.

Then there was a fire drill and everyone had to evacuate the theater before we got to see this clip that does actually exist:

So I walked into the bathroom and there was a big line. It turned out that it was just a crowd gathered to watch the girl that kept flushing the urinal on herself, so I cut ahead. A guy walked up next to me and flopped his dick into the sink. He yelled "PISS, DICK! PISS" and then started spraying urine all over the wall like a fire hose. I woke up not covered in piss. (Long story).

A few hours later I went to sleep again and had yet ANOTHER DOG HUMPING DREAM. This time the dog was much larger and it was humping ME. I couldn't shake him off so I threw my keys to the concrete in order to distract him. It didn't work. I guess dogs don't give a shit about Honda Civics. So this dog is humping my back and slobbering on my neck and I'm freaking out. Finally I wokededed up and found my lady spooning me and kissing my neck. I think she was probably dreaming about buying shoes or something.

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Mork, from Charlestown said...

That's some crapped up fuck. It's funny though... I don't have dreams about cats and dogs, (living together !) But lately I have been dreaming about my mechanics. They're always annoyed by me, and in a Rush (whoa! For the words of the 'profits' were written on the studio wall!) A Working Man living by The Spirit Of Radio in the Limelight going for The Big Money? Kind of a Distant Early Warning for Tom Sawyer, if you Force Ten will Time Stand Still? I prefer to not to Fly By Night but focus on things Closer To The Heart. The Trees.THE TREES!!!

And sometimes, Mike is there.