January 22, 2008

Go Fish

I had an exciting Scrabble morning. These days I play 75-point Scrabble (Hard mode) against the CPU on my cell phone. I won 3 games in a row today, bingos abound. Thrilling indeed. I attempted to open the 3rd game with "INLINED" which is apparently not an acceptable verb (or sport). I settled for "LINED" so I could get the Double Double on the D, and crossed my fingers get a C on the next draw so I could spell "INCLINED." Well, not only did I get that rackafrackin' C, I also replenished the high falootin' tootin' L, I, E, & D and bingoed any damn way.

Speaking of wacky cell phone anomalies occurring while not completing my 2007 Year-end Self-Assessment for work that was due last Friday, I keep accidentally setting off the one and only music track I've ever downloaded to my mobile. I've had this LG for two years. I'm not much of a cell phone technology chaser, so I basically just pick out the most expensive free non-Motorola phone that Verizon offers me. Two years ago, it was this goofy LG flip phone with decent stereo speakers that for some reason, the LG design decided to make face in opposite directions (like Yosemite Sam's guns). But it wasn't that big of a deal for me anyway because even with my phone enabled for VCast or whatever that music service is called, I had no intentions of ever paying $2 for a shitty quality music track that would be forever banished to my telephone, unless of course I wanted to pay even more money for a memory card or adapter thingee that would allow me to pull it off and put it on my computer where I could've already had the track for $1 from Amazon.

Somehow on Friday, I accidentally accessed that Verizon music database and saw that they actually had a free track available! It was an Eddie Vedder song from the Into the Wild soundtrack that was a low priority wish list item of mine. I heard it once on the radio and thought it was decent, but not mind-blowing. I think the reason it crept into my head so easily was because the melody is very similar to the Pearl Jam ukelele song from Binaural ("Soon Forget" I believe it's called). I downloaded it and now I have a song trapped in my cell phone. And much like General Zod, it is constantly trying to escape the Phantom Zone.

It just keeps randomly playing in my pocket. I have no idea what button is accidentally being pressed because I can't replicate the problem on purpose. I have no idea what to disable and it's pretty fucking annoying. I'll be sitting here and I think I have it stuck in my head, but then I realize it that it's just playing out loud. It's extra bothersome to me because I never use a ring tone as my phone is perpetually set to vibrate only. Yes, I could always just erase it since I've already clearly stood at the apex of modern technology (circa 2005).

Or I could just get a new phone.


teh Beauty said...

I LOL'd at your Eddie Vedder Phantom Zone picture. Point to you, sir.

RS3 said...

Silly Rollie, Fone music is for Kids!