January 16, 2008

Three Quarters Assed Blog

I still am not publishing anything of substance, but at least this time, I'm going to provide links to things at least 75% interesting.

1. Everything you've ever wanted to know about the many variations of the Suplex.
2. Guillotine of Fire: the free 6-Song EP that my band, Plowing Mud Forever has finally released.
3. Your final chance to play the Bogglific, Facebook's Boggle knock-off, since it received its Cease and Desist order from Hasbro, Inc.
4. The Greatest Record Review Website on the Internet.

I think that's going to be it. Yeah. It is. Click on three of those and we both will have accomplished what was expected of us. Click on four and I will refuse to be responsible for how mutated your babies come out.

1 comment:

teh_beauty said...

Momentum. Keep rolling that rock uphill, baby. I think it's all going to get lighter the more we keep doing.