September 22, 2009

Raiders of the Lost Wiki

Today I entered a Wikipedia contest to redesign the State Flag of Indiana.

I thought I did a damn good job, but it turned out that the contest was only in my imagination. Oh well. Paul Hadley is stealing all my credit!

The Wikipedia Police take their US & A purdy seriously, so my contributions were reverted immediately. You have to admit that my flag is way cooler than their old boring one. Indiana Jerks!


Anonymous said...

Nice one! I like how he's holding one of the stars like a throwing star.

Anonymous said...

The background shouldn't have been blue. It should have been the Paramout Logo. Because 1: It was a freakin' Paramount Picture! And 2: That circle of stars is just so boring against a blue background!

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

That's an interesting idea. You should draw it up and put it on Wikipedia. EVERYWHERE!