October 1, 2009

Fully Tasteless

Hey, have you guys heard of Twitter? It's this crazy place where you type short bursts of thought when you're in the bathroom or waiting for someone to show up at the bar and then in return you get the attention of a thousand spam porn accounts. It's like Blogger, except the spam isn't in Japanese.

So I was on my Twitter today and noticed that @Buddyhead has been retweeting a lot of @Chunklet messages. Chunklet schwas an awesome music Zine that I first discovered above the toilet I shared with Ryan Stevens in 2005. They had a good mix of snarky comedy bits (How to properly Man-Hug), off-beat lists (Bands We'll Pay NOT To Play), and in-depth feature articles like the 8,000 page Don Caballero Tour Diary. It was well-written, played to my darker sense of humor, and passionately catered to my musical interests. Unfortunately, By the time I started reading the couple of issues that Ryan owned, the Chunklet publishing schedule has already been downgraded from "occasionally" to "if we ever get around to it."

Time went by and I never saw another issue. Eventually I stopped looking and forgot about it. Buddyhead, Matt Pinfield, and Twitter filling my music infotainment void now, but seeing that Chunklet has an active Twitter account was an exciting reminder to see what they are up to these days. I quickly typed in Chunklet.com and hit enter.

Tasteless? What on the website could possibly be so utterly tasteless that it would taint my output for the rest of this work day? And speaking of "website," "tasteless," "taint," and "output"... not even a Tubgirl webpage could ruin anyone's day or instantly make them an incompetent employee. Taste is clearly subjective. I can understand blocking a page if it's subject to viruses or other random badstuffs. Further evidence of an anti-Chunklet internet conspiracy is found on the Chunklet Wikipedia page, or what is left of it (sounds like a future Don Caballero song title). The page was deleted earlier this year without any explanation. Pritty shetty.

Oh well, I had to rely on conventional searches to learn that there was in fact a new issue of Chunklet published last year (#20), as well as a book put out by Chunklet editor Henry Owings along with Patton Oswalt called The Rock Bible. And the two Chunklet "Overrated Issues" were repackaged together. I wonder if I can buy any of this through the Chunklet website. Guess I'll find out after work.

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