October 23, 2009

Epic Celebrity Mash-up

I had a lot of problems yesterday putting images together for what I thought was a great blog idea (not revealing what it is just yet). Today I'm glad I decided to approach things differently and not be discouraged. Lo and behold, this came together magically in less than an hour. I considered a number of additions (the Ghostbusters logo?; Ray Lewis' uniform number?, Roger, Dudley, or Michael Moore? ) and had a couple internal debates (Louis or Lewis?; watermark?).Ultimately, I felt that simpler was better.

This is some slick shit if I do say so myself. Smirk.


100monkeys said...

Well? What is it?!?!

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

The "great blog idea" that never materialized? It had something to do with Bill Clinton. I had big ideas for some photo manipulations, but they were tougher than I imagined. I may go back and MS Paint them instead.