August 18, 2008

MeTube YouTube BoobTube GrooveTube

I know you guys are missing Teh Beauty part of Beauty and the RoBeast. Believe me, I am too. Maybe this will bring her back:

While we're on the subject of YouTube, I have been bouncing around the idea of making aa t-shirt to celebrate my unintentional vore video popularity. Hell, my mom has already heard the story, so I've got nothing to be ashamed of anymore. I came up with this design the other day:

The view count has gone up 30 since Friday, so the design is already a collectible!

Speaking of collectibles, I spent a long time on Friday reading a great article about the Masters of the Universe action figures on As it turns out, so many of the characters from the He-Man toy line were just recycled molds that Mattel had leftover from other older toy lines. Skeletor was copied off Captain Drake who was copied off of ME!

Mattel could totally get away with it though because Big Jim came out ten years before He-Man in some other country that probably didn't have the internet. Losers!

You know what else happens in other countries? Sometimes when they get our cartoons (created by Japanese animators), the words are all changed and whatnot. This can be funny. Other times they just forget to translate the lyrics all together and dub a rockin' 80's guitar melody into the mix instead!

I downloaded a bunch of shit this weekend while trying again (in vain, perhaps) to use all my Emusic credits and cancel the damn account already because I HAVE TOO MUCH MUSIC (not to be confused with MuchMusic2 which doesn't actually exist... MuchMoreMusic is what you're probably not thinking of)! I downloaded a bunch Ipecac Records releases, most of which sounded like instrumental soundtracks to old cartoons.

It's strange what music I like, but it's probably more strange what I don't. "What distinguishes one avant garde experimental noise track from another?" was the question the RoBeastress posed to me this past weekend while at a free show at Central Park's Summerstage (Battles, Black Dice, and Gang Gang Dance). My succinct answer (2 days later) is "DYNAMICS." Her other questions: "Why do you keep calling me The RoBeastress?" But I digress(ess)...

Actually, I'll digress further now. There are two sounds that I would like to imitate on record sometime in my life:
  1. The opening chord from "A Hard Day's Night"
  2. The Law and Order sound
I think these are valid life goals. I wonder which one is going to be more difficult.

Did anyone watch Law and Order: Criminal Intent last night? It was Chris Noth's final episode. He kinda left without a bang. And I mean that literally--I thought (hoped) he was going to get shot. Nobody's got the scene on YouTube yet, so I can't share. Not that it's even interesting. I actually do like his character even though he's angry most of the time and usually pulls out his Jump to Conclusions Mat fairly early. I liked when he was paired up with Annabella Sciorra. Why is Blogger emboldenating everything? This blogging is like a never-ending fucking battle.

Anyway, I liked when he was paired up with the redhead too (probably because she, like Annabella Sciorra, was on The Sopranos). This Wheeler chick I'm just not crazy about. It's not her personally, I just don't like her character. Or her character's haircut. I don't what the fuck is going to happen when Jeff Goldblum takes over in the next season. He could very well be the only actor on the planet who can out-weird Vincent D'onofrio. I hope they have crossovers. It's all I ask for, USA.



Anonymous said...

see how long it lasts:

teh Beauty said...

I heard the siren call of your centaur pr0ns from miles away! I have returned.