January 16, 2009

Big News Day

No sooner did I read a front page article bragging about how safe commercial flying has been over the past two years...

A FLOCK OF BIRD SHIT PLANE. I was in my new Jersey City Heights apartment when this came up on the screen. With the view from the living room, we could actually see the plane floating down the Hudson River, but I was way more enthralled by the word SHIT sort of being on television. 2 ENGINE SDISABLED, not as funny though.

Oddly, this was the second picture of a news ticker I took that day.

That seemed like a oversimplified headline for the situation in the Middle East, but in retrospect, it's really dead on. Even more accurate would be:

They may as well just leave that ticker running nonstop.

Then they published some old wrestling news:

Poor Yokozuna, may he rest in peace. Let's hope the Pope didn't get him while he was on his way out.

I'm totally going to hell for this one:

Here is some lighter humor (or heavier depending on which way is up).

Well, after he found love, what was he gonna do?

That's all for now. I gotta go easy on the Hot Chocolate.


Master_Gio said...

Best headlines, ever!

Anonymous said...

I love that the pope is actually saying, "xoxoxoxoxox." The headlines are funny, but that made me laugh more than anything else for some reason.

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

I was going to make him say <3<3<3<3
but I didn't think the pope would know what that meant.

Jon Ray said...

ha, i'm glad you posted that BIRDS HIT PlANE news ticker...I saw that and WISHED i would have caught it with my camera in time. ;)