January 28, 2009

My World

My transition to the new company started on Monday, therefore, no time to blog anything of significance. Too busy getting used to all the new bullshit I have to deal with.

This bullshit still hasn't changed:

I'm going to submit this to PassiveAggressiveNotes.com later. I wish I could take credit for the highlighted "What part of..." part, but alas, it goes to an anonymous 5th-Floorer. I had been dreaming of adding to the original sign for a while now, but I wouldn't have gotten away with this public display of passive-aggression. I'm surprised I didn't get accused of this snark being that my now-former boss recently expressed "disappointment" in my outwardly creeping anti-corporate attitude. Maybe he didn't see it yet. No harm in taking a picture.

All right, I gotta go floss. I should be posting a review of The Wrestler soonishly. If you're bored or upset by the lack of updates, go check out the other blog that I'm attempting to get off the ground: plowingmudforever.blogspot.com

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