January 3, 2009

I mentioned inventing a "Deliciously Devious Game"

on Facebook a few weeks ago that sparked the interest of exactly one person from my universe of friends. I am back now to force it upon the masses (aka the 4 people who read the blog and aren't looking for vore porn).

So the game is called either Mushin' Roulette, Mussian Roulette, or Mushroom Roulette. My vote was for the first, RoBeastress prefers the second, and the other one is saying "Whaddaya want from me?" Why don't I take a poll or something?

Basically, the RoBeastress and I went to a dinner party, but the dinner and desserts were already going to be accounted for. Not wanting to go over empty handed, we decided to come up with an appetizer. Neither of us ever cook anything, but I'm always up for a challenge. And to make up for my lack of actual cooking skills, I always try to come up with a twist on ingredients or presentation. Stuffed Mushrooms was what we shouted out with glee, but what would the twist be? We toyed around with the idea of stuffing one of the stuffed mushrooms with something distinct and different tasting. At first we considered something that would be considered a prize, like lobster meat, or perhaps a plastic toy. Instead, we decided to play up the Russian Roulette angle and make it deadly!

Here is your mission, soldier:

First, go to the store and buy some giant mushrooms. Or steal them. Whatever. Go home and wash them then yank out the stems. Place the empty caps on an old rusty cooking tray with an unnecessarily large knife and waste time by taking a picture.

In a pan, or a skillet, heat up some oil and then toss in some minced garlic and the chopped up stems I forgot to tell you not to throw out. Get the stems out of the garbage can and wipe the crap off of them. Or don't, the hot oil should burn away the bacteria anyway, right?

After the oil is gone and your mess has cooled, add Parmesan cheese, black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, and a whole thing of cream cheese, then Mix-A-Lot.

MMMmmmm. Now get some hot sauce (preferably one with a cock on it) and splatter it into one of the mushroom caps.

Now get a big heap of the other stuff...

...and plop it in. If your thumb goes up, it's working!

One spiked mushroom for every six you plan to serve. The rest get Ajax...


Bake them shitz in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or so. In the meantime, shop online and charge your mp3 Player.

Later on, serve them to your friends if they haven't already caught wind of your bad idea. It's your choice if you want to disclose the secret to them or not. We did, which instantly meant more stuffed mushrooms for us! I suppose you could always not actually spike the mushrooms and still see who the real risktakers are in your posse, but in my opinion, it was fun knowing that I could have very well gotten the blast too!


Nerdifer said...

Hot sauce on/in stuffed mushrooms sounds great. Im more worried about the ones without the hot sauce.

kcw said...

You shop online and charge your mp3 player on a garbage can? Go back to that store and buy that desk!

Ro-Beast Rollie said...

A new desk? For the kitchen? In the apartment I don't inhabit anymore?


Ro-Beast Rollie said...

Nerdifer said...

Hot sauce on/in stuffed mushrooms sounds great. Im more worried about the ones without the hot sauce.

Hmmmm.... you likeda hot sauce... how about... cold medicine?!

100monkeys said...

Yo, looks good. Too bad I have to unsubscribe now that you've elimidated my hopes of vore porn.

metheus said...

The cold medicine notion gives me an idea.

100 delectable stuffed truffles. 3 are laced with pure wasabi. 1 contains a 5x dose of laxative.

Jay Amabile said...

call me crazy but these sound really good. I like the hot sauce idea. Throw some chopped veggies or meat and you got a classic. Next thing you know you'll both have your own restaraunt at the Borgata. lol.