June 10, 2009

The Bissell Vagina™

Do you crave the latest and greatest in vacuum technology?
Then look no further than The Bissell Vagina™!

Independent enough to stand up on its own, and versatile in the most difficult of situations,
The Bissell Vagina™ shreds as it spreads!

The Bissell Vagina™ is sleek and stylish on the outside, but the secrets to its amazing powers are safely tucked away. Have a look:

Watch how easily The Bissell Vagina™ picks up this pile of Cheerios.
You would swear it had teeth!

What are you waiting for? Get into The Bissell Vagina™ today!
*Also available in Anorexic!


Jay Amabile said...

"it's gone from suck to blow!"

Master_Gio said...

date for R2-D2?!