June 6, 2009

Walking to the Jersey Shore from Manhattan

On my way to the Union Square Virgin Smegmastore today (which is now has DVD and CD discounts set at 50%), I spotted this brand new addition to Broadway & West 12th St.:

Inside, they had brochures and Exit 63 stickers and actual sand, paid for by the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism. I'm not sure if this was an effort to remind New Yorkers to include the Shore in their Summer plans, or some sort of Benny Internment Program (BIP, for short). I didn't go past the doors because I was afraid they would mistake me for a genuine NYer, tackle me, and tag me with a tracking device, so I just took a photo from the sidewalk. The RoBeastress (an actual Benny), was nearly captured.

For those of us that religiously follow The North/South Jersey Debate Blog, this is big news. The discovery of a Jersey Shore in New York City now extends "The Shore's" border far North, and gives greatly expands "South Jersey." This diagram reflects The New New Jersey Shore (its coordinates being Jersey Shore, PA; The Jersey Shore Store, NYC; and Cape May, NJ).

Mind=Blown. You'll never BIP me!

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