June 19, 2009

More Porn @ Work

I had in a meeting in one of my building's seventeen hundred thousand conference rooms the other day and spent most of the time staring at a mural on the wall. It's basically an homage to the Candyland game board, but filled with corporate speak and doodles. You could say the mural was Inc.'ed up, but then you'd deserve to be shot. Shot in the V by a three-balled woodcock...

I guess I should expect unintentional porn to pop up occasionally in my workplace. I mean, our other New Jersey office has a conference room called Chocolate Circle. "Oh no, I left my giant deck in the Chocolate Circle!"

Earlier today I was doing some maintenance on one of our Video Conference systems and discovered this under the unit:

No joke! It's autographed to "Chris." I wonder if "Chris" is the same person as "Mr. Porn Star." I guess we'd have to ask St. Pauli Girl Spokesmodel Stacy Fusion. I decided to put the photo exactly where I found it, so if any co-workers are reading this, enjoy the scavenger hunt!

And Keep Drinking St. Pauli!

1 comment:

Master_Gio said...

Chris is lame for not taking that with him!