June 20, 2008

I am the next Vince McMahon

I haven't bought a bike yet, but I did invest $30 into some serious 80's nostalgia: the return of The Ultimate Warrior. The match will be webcast from Barcelona next Thursday night. I'm so fucking excited that I'm running around with face paint, shaking every thing I see. A lot of yelling and grunting too.

Maybe on Thursday I'll watch the match at work and project it on to a big screen in the big conference room (if I still have my job by next Thursday, that is). Just in case I am unemployed, I signed up for the Ultimate Warrior's affiliate program. If anyone wants to purchase the pay-per-view webcast and Ultimate Warrior VIP access, go here and I'll get a percentage somehow. Maybe I'll make enough to buy another Diet Coke or even a whole six pack of them.

PS - Where the hell is Teh Beauty? I'm thinking she went back to Parts Unknown to train for the Ultimate Challenge, but just in case I'm wrong, someone go check on her, O-be-K-be?