June 23, 2008

Sorry I Killed George Carlin

... by referencing him in a post 10 days before his death date. I killed Mr. Wizard the same way last year on my Myspace blog, though it took just a little bit longer.

Do you see what murderous powers I have as a RoBeast? Do see how important this blog is now? Do you hear that George W. Bush, Lenny Kravitz, and John Edward?

My mom took me to go see George Carlin perform at the Strand Theater back in the early '90's. She's a huge fan, buys all his books and whatnot. She had a great time. I laughed my ass off too (three consecutive three-letter words ending in double-letters), despite sitting next to her during the masturbation euphemism bit. My favorite will always be "shaking hands with the unemployed." Ah, how true that was for the RoBeast in the early 90's.

Anyway, here's an awesome picture of him looking like a Charles Manson family member:

Here's to hoping Charles Manson dies as a result of this post.


Kirk said...

I am sad there will never be a Bill and Ted Part III.

teh Beauty said...

*cries* at the loss of both George Carlin and "Bill and Ted Part III: The Teddening"