May 7, 2009

Katy Perry is Evil

I was just reminiscing with Ryan "Ryborg" Stevens, drummer of Plowing Mud Forever over the days when we used to have band practice in midtown Manhattan. It's not that we miss the rehearsal space or the atmosphere of the city or the boring commute--it's the subway vandalism that seems to mysteriously follow us in the stations and sometimes even onto the trains.

With those fond memories fresh in my mind, and the Budweiser still flowing through my veins after the big Fear show in Brooklyn last night, I just could not resist assisting the giant 92.3 NEW subway ad in exposing Katy Perry as the Anti-Christ.

I apologize in advance if the purple-dyed Hitler 'stache catches on with poser mall punks all across the country, but I don't regret my statement. Katy Perry is a fucking tool and writes horrible, vapid music. She's got a pretty face and generic talent and it pisses me off how far that goes in the pop world. Bah. Grr. Fart. I'll go write a song about it and I'll show her! Nyah!

Anyway, some kids walked by while I was standing there and said "Wow, that's awesome." Vindication! I love livin' in the city!

1 comment:

Master_Gio said...

she might be evil, but I totally would have sex with her. If only to prevent her from signing! See how I help mankind?