May 6, 2009

Virgin Smegmastore III

I really thought today would be the day Virgin would move their CD and DVD discounts to 30% off. 3 has just been the magic number. This is my third trip, and third post. I heard "Poker Face" three times. I saw three homeless guys on the way to Union Square. But no, still at only 20% off.

I did notice one item to add to the 30% off list though that may change everything for you. I don't know if it was there before, or if the price just dropped in the past few days, but STATIONARY is now being sold for 30% off at Virgin. Yes, you heard it here first... Stationary.

The copy of the Richard Branson autobiography Losing My Virginity that I had planned to take a smart-ass picture with has been bought, moved, or stolen. Sorry folks, I gambled and lost. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

There is only one copy of the Rocky Balboa CD left, one copy of The Rocky Story, and four or five copies of Rocky IV. I have decided officially that Rocky Balboa is at the top of my list here, but still not at that price. $15.20 after the discount at Virgin, or $15 at Amazon. I really can't lose here.

I either erroneously reported the price of The Sopranos Box Set the other day or they changed the sticker price. It is currently $400, with 20% off., which actually puts it LESS than the Amazon price of $329 (and then puts it back over after NYC sales tax, but who's counting?). There are quite a few copies of this left that I'm sure will be decimated the minute the discount goes to 30%.

To everyone out there bitching about my scrutinizing of minuscule price breaks that I keep passing over, but continue to pay tunnel tolls just to get to New York City to access those potential deals, blow me. I was coming here anyway. And besides, you complainers don't actually exist. No one is really reading this blog or sending me comments anymore, so I have to play fucking devil's advocate to myself! I'm unbelievable.

Vision Street Wear, indeed.

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teh Beauty said...

Nor true! Ppl on twitter keep telling me how funny the blog is which ofc means how funny YOU are since I am M.I.A. in baby land.

Plus, you get Virgin employees too!