May 17, 2009

Ssips Sso Sserious

I gave the gift of a bloody bloodbag of blood again last week, and in return for my donation, the NY/NJ Blood Services gave me all Ssips I could drink. For the uninitiated, Ssips is a beverage that comes in various juice and tea flavors, and most frequently packaged as a small drink box. According to an unreliable looking website they are manufactured right here in New Jersey by Johanna Foods. The same website claims that Ssips was "voted the 'Best Overall Commercial Iced Tea' by the regional Mount Holly, New Jersey Iced Tea Club"--a group clearly more trustworthy than than the Long Island Iced Tea Club.

As I sat down nibbling cookies and drinking my juice, I noticed that the Ssips boxes all had philosophical quotes on the side. I never noticed this before. According to internet history/hearsay, Ssips featured the same quote on all boxes until 2ooo, when they expanded their repertoire. In effort to replenish my fluids after donating my reddest, I drank down (or Ssipped up) additional inspiration from Frank Capra, Ernest Hemingway, and Sophocles. It was a interesting change from the snappy, quirky commentary you usually find on beverage containers these days.

And for a brand whose name spells PISS backwards, they certainly seem to keep a straight face marvelously.

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