May 15, 2009

Virgin SMEGMAstore: Parts IV & V

I went to Virgin yet again last Saturday. Prices were "Up to 40% off" but really just 25% off of anything that mattered. The place was crawling with weekend spenders, and they opened up a special little area for the first time where they were selling fixtures, equipment, and random promo items such as a giant $150 Kelly Clarkson poster (had to be at least 8'x8' by my estimation). You could also make an offer on a larger than life-size armored warrior from a video game that I can't remember. Something part 3. [Fall Out 3 says the RoBeastress who is way better at soaking up Sci-Fi/Fantasy crap that I am. And this is what it looks like.]

I browsed a little and added a few more things to my list (The Cars Greatest Hits, The Shining, soundtracks from Underworld 2, Ghostbusters, & Dead Man Walking). The RoBeastress started her own list after being left alone in the TV on DVD section for too long while I stared at the Rocky Balboa CD waiting for it to magically appear like a good value. Still, I could not bring myself to the register with anything in my hands.

Instead, I went to Academy Records on W.18th and bought 3 used CDs and a used DVD for less than a new CD at Virgin (even with the 25% discount). Blur's self-titled, R.E.M.'s Out of Time, The Rentals' Return of the Rentals, and The Shining (though not the greatest version, it'll do for now).

On Tuesday, I went back to Virgin knowing full well that there would be no drop in prices (because I clearly have an addiction). I was correct. There was, however, a significant drop in inventory. There were many empty shelves in the DVD sections, particularly the TV on DVD area. DVD and CD box sets are dwindling as well. Don't say I didn't warn ya, but The Sopranos are all sold out. And my beloved Rocky Balboa CD is also gone, gone, gone!

I don't feel sad that I missed out on the Rocky disc. I gambled, but didn't really lose. I bought it on eBay the next day for less. Sure, it's coming from Argentina, but it's still cheaper! I guess I'm a little amazed that that many people made such a dent in the place considering the deals weren't even that good, but at the same time, it needs to happen, or the discounts will never go any deeper. So, thanks, suckers.

With fewer people in the store and fewer items on the shelves, it was a little easier for me to browse and add to my list. Actually, quite a few things had to be crossed off because they were snatched up during the weekend blitz. There are still lots of copies of Prince's Batman Soundtrack, and most of the Batman movies as well (though I'm really just interested in the first Michael Keaton version, and the 60's Adam West one). I also noticed that Police Academy 2 and 3 are packaged together in one set! Score! The Sarah Bareilles DVDs seem to have multiplied, so I don't think that's in danger of disappearing from my clutches.

Now I'm at a tricky stage of the game. I had expected prices to jump directly from 20% off to 30%, a point which I would consider buying things. But they went and injected a week of only 25% off, which to me was not a great deal, but forced me prematurely into the consideration stage. (Yes, premature consideration.) It also sent a lot of people in town to immediate purchase mode, so now there's the feeling that people will really go nuts at whatever the next stage is. I wish I had paid better attention to the Times Square location's going out of business schedule/strategy. Actually, I wish someone had blogged about it.

What I really need to do is buckle down and scout out prices logically and not get swept into any buying frenzy. I mean, I'm obviously able to delay gratification, but ultimately, what would make me feel worse--not buying something I want, or buying something I want and then a week later finding out that I could have gotten it for less by waiting? Do I even really need any of these things? Would I be buying these things at all if there wasn't a deal, or the illusion of a deal? Or the illusion of demand just because they're disappearing at the illusion of a deal? God damn you Virgin Cocktease for toying with my emotions! You couldn't've just went directly to 40%, couldja? You had to foil my plan.

And now YouTube's not working, so I can't play you off, Keyboard Bobcat. SORRY AYHAYAHAYA YHYHYEAH*$&*&AHYRHYHDH UAFHAHFKUNV (Bobcat impression) AYYYRYAYYR *&@*$*_%**&*&$*&@&$*&^*&$... hmmm... Batman vs Bobcat... hmm....


100monkeys said...

I wish I'd have known you were in the market for a used copy of Out of Time. You coulda had it fer free. I know you can find Batman (1966) for less that $7 online. I have twice.

Master_Gio said...

As a fan of Asian horror, action, and exploitation, I am very annoyed about the fact that section has been wiped clean. At least i got Bloody Reunion. As the sales get better, i will definitely be buying more shit.