March 25, 2008

Good product, Bad name

On Saturday I self-prescribed Prosacea for my self-diagnosed Rosacea. I've been using it less than the recommended 3 times a day, but it's still been working quite well so far. My skin is not dried, flaky, or red in any of my trouble spots.

Oh, one quick aside about trouble. My office was in trouble the other day. You know how I know? The trouble button lit up. Seriously.

Where the hell do I work? The fucking Batcave?

Ok, back to the oddly named Prosacea. Doesn't the name seem to imply that it supports Rosacea? Yes, it's a sort-of-clever portmanteau, but I imagine it should've been called Anti-sacea. Or NO-sacea! They probably threw the "Pro" up there just so people would accidentally buy it, thinking they had a Proactiv product in their hands. Sneaky marketing pricks.

Personally, I amazed that I even bought something that says "homeopathic" right on the box, but I refuse to argue with the results. I've really put it to the test too, packing in all of the activities that tend to bust mad caps in my face - walking around Brooklyn in the cold, drinking a bunch of beers at Duff's (with Master Gio, Wally Chung, Alan, & my girlfriend who has no website that I'm aware of so I'll give Alan another free plug), eating a shitload of hot wings at Down the Hatch, weightlifting, running, and making fuck.

The box does not lie though. It is now Tuesday and I'm still enjoying healthier looking and feeling skin. Conspicuously absent from that list "sulfur stankin' skin," though I can't say I'm exactly enjoying that. Sulfur is the only active ingredient in the gel, and because I apply right next to my nostrils, I don't have much of a choice but to smell it until the stuff wears off. It's not a completely horrible smell though and I don't think anyone else can detect it.

Rory will be the true test.


Mork, from Charlestown said...

Ok.. So the trouble light lit up. So what the fuck happens if the "Audible Silence" indicator lights up? Whatever happens I bet it's pretty ugly

Anonymous said...

dude, that was totally an Anthrax tour