March 15, 2008

You got your SXSW in my Sex Week

Sorry kids I have been working nonstop during SXSW. NO time to post or anything. I came home last night, ate and passed the fuck out. I had high hopes for posting or going out and seeing music, but alas, it was not to be. I only have one more day of this driving around endlessly shit, and then I am DONE. I promise you a post tomorrow. Promise. Tomorrow is still Sunday, so I am going to count it as sex week still. SXSW has eaten my brain and my life. Hipsters go home, and let me have my Austin back. I'm going to have to pay my mortgage on the phone between the drivings 'round and 'round; this is how busy I have been.

BUT not too busy to see that Rollie STILL has not fixed the pic I asked him to! FIXIT! FIXIT! Or I am gonna come home and fix it, and then it's going to say I published your blog post even though I just edited it...and then the world will think I am a VORE Pornstar, when truly I am not.

As for the sex at SXSW, I am not having any, but I am sure there are many STDs being passed around the greasy fauxhawk mullets and unwashed beardos. UGH. Go back to Brooklyn and LA and take your ironic circus moustaches with you!

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Kirk said...

No! Don't send them back here!